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Backing Up Company File to OneDrive
Backing Up Company File to OneDrive Talk to a ProAdvisor
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Backup Company File to OneDrive – An Everything Guide

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Do you face an issue while saving a backup copy of your company file to OneDrive or creating a scheduled backup? Or it could be that you store your company file in the OneDrive folder, and that is creating a problem for you. Perhaps you might want to know the correct way to save your QuickBooks company file to OneDrive

In this blog, we will explore the troubleshooting methods to resolve different issues you might face with saving your company file to OneDrive or its backup.

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How to Backup QuickBooks Company File to OneDrive

It is not difficult to back up the company file to OneDrive. You can do this in two ways:

●       Schedule the company file backup to OneDrive.

You can schedule an automatic backup of the company file, and when you see the option to choose the save location of the backup, you can choose the OneDrive folder.

●       Create a local backup of the company file and then move it to the OneDrive.

Alternatively, you can create a local backup of your company file. Once you are done, you can move this backup to OneDrive.

If you face a problem while saving a company file to OneDrive or its backup, continue to the next sections.

Troubleshooting Issues in a Scheduled Backup to OneDrive

Let’s say you schedule your QuickBooks company file backup to OneDrive so that it will be synced automatically. However, lately, you have been having problems with the scheduled backup to OneDrive.

1.     Check if the file path is correct

To schedule a backup to OneDrive, you must ensure that the file path you choose for saving the backup is correct.

2.     Isolate the Problem and Verify if the Issue is With OneDrive

If you are facing a problem with the scheduled backup to OneDrive, try to create a local drive. This will tell you if there is any problem with the data integrity of your company file. If you find issues with the data, verify and rebuild data to fix the company file damages.

If everything goes well with the local backup, move on to the next step.

3.     Schedule the Backup to Run Only When User is Logged On

Now, follow the same steps you take to create a scheduled backup. Change two things:

  • Schedule the backup task to run only during business hours.
  • Choose the option “Run only when user is logged on
  • Choose your windows against Configure for the drop-down menu.

This should fix the issues you face with the scheduled backup to OneDrive.

Troubleshooting Issues in Saving Your Company File to OneDrive

Do you use OneDrive to store your company files? However, lately, you have been facing a problem with the same, maybe after a QuickBooks update.

1.     Check if you can open the company file stored locally

Copy the company file on your local drive and open it in QuickBooks from there.

  1. If you can open it, your QuickBooks version might not be any longer supported with your QuickBooks version.
  2. If you cannot open the company file when stored locally as well, there might be data damage in the company file. Carry out the solutions given in this guide to fix data issues with the company file.

In case you can open the file when stored locally, but it doesn’t work when you store it on the OneDrive, try these things:

  1. If you are using an older QuickBooks version, you might want to consider checking out a newer QuickBooks version and find out if it works fine with OneDrive.
  2. Alternatively, you can try this workaround in Step 2.

2. Store your company file locally and backup it to OneDrive at the end of the day

Remember that you can’t work dynamically on a company file stored on OneDrive. If you are facing an issue in working on the company file directly stored, you can try something a lot of the QuickBooks users do.

  • You can store the company file on a local drive and, at the end of the day, create a local backup.
  • Now, move this local backup to OneDrive and save it there.
  • When you need to work on a different computer, paste the backup to the local disk and restore a backup of the company file. Remember, when restoring a backup of the company file, make sure to first copy it to the local drive. Don’t attempt to restore a backup stored on an external drive, as it can give way to errors.
  • Follow the same routine – work on the local company file, create a local backup, and upload it to OneDrive.

Cannot Restore a Company File Backup on OneDrive

Do you store your QuickBooks company file backup on OneDrive and are facing issues in restoring it?

One thing to remember here is that you cannot directly restore a backup stored on OneDrive. You will first need to copy the backup and paste it onto your local drive. Once the file is on the local drive, restore the backup company file.

Alternatives to OneDrive – Third-Party Apps for QuickBooks Desktop

Google Drive and OneDrive aren’t dynamic cloud storage that can store company files while you work on them. Therefore, if you want to work on a company file stored on the cloud, you can:

Final Words

The above blog will guide you on the right way to save company file to OneDrive. Moreover, it will also guide you in troubleshooting issues you might face in saving company file backup to OneDrive. However, if you have a query or your issue isn’t resolved yet, you can always reach out to a QB ProAdvisor.

These QB Experts have the knowledge and expertise needed to resolve the QB issues from the root. Dial TFN and speak to a QB ProAdvisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can QuickBooks company file be stored in OneDrive?

Ans:- Yes, you can store the QuickBooks company file on OneDrive. However, that is not advisable as OneDrive is not a dynamic drive like cloud hosting services. Thus, when you use QuickBooks to open the company file stored in OneDrive and work on it, you will encounter errors. A better alternative is to store the company file locally and schedule a backup to the OneDrive.

Q. Can you host a QuickBooks company file in the cloud?

Ans:- If you use dynamic cloud hosting services, you can store the company file in the cloud. You can also use QuickBooks cloud hosting services to open QuickBooks on a cloud desktop.

Q. How do I share my QuickBooks company file?

Ans:- You can share the company file by going to the folder where the company file is located and right-clicking on it. You will see the share option, where you can tweak the sharing preferences.

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