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QuickBooks Statements Problems
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QuickBooks Statements Problems – Fix All Types of Errors

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QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW) lets you create personalized and professional financial statements through your QuickBooks company. Moreover, QuickBooks Statements Writer keeps the statements synced with your progress in the QuickBooks company file. However, users sometimes run into QuickBooks Statements Problems when using QSW.

This prevents you from creating essential financial statements and might cause great delays in your work. Therefore, we have come up with this unparalleled guide to fix different kinds of statement problems using QuickBooks Statements Writer (QSW). Alright then, let us begin.

Although this blog will walk you through how to address QuickBooks statement issues, it can often be difficult without basic technical knowledge. We recommend you connect to a QB ProAdvisor who has a reputation for fixing such issues in QuickBooks right away.

QuickBooks Encountered Errors While Creating Statements

Let’s say you create customer statements, select all customers, and instruct QuickBooks to not create statements with a zero balance. However, when you tap on the Print button, you get an error message:

“QuickBooks encountered errors while creating statement. This may be because of selecting too many customers. Try reducing the number of customers selected (Max of 4500) and create statements”.

The only way around this is to select customers manually. However, this is not feasible and might take forever for a lot of QuickBooks users with many customers with nonzero balances.

This is just one kind of different issues you might face with QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW). Let us see how to troubleshoot such QuickBooks statement problems.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Statements Problems

Let us see in detail how to resolve all kinds of QuickBooks statements problems. The root of these problems lies in QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW). Therefore, our focus will be on troubleshooting QuickBooks Statement Writer first.

1.     Update QuickBooks Desktop

Before you continue with detailed troubleshooting, update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release. This ensures that your QuickBooks has the latest components and fixes any minor damages in the program.

2.   Download the Latest Version of QSW

QuickBooks Desktop application is one thing, but you also need to update the version of QuickBooks Statement Writer. Here is how you can download the latest version of QSW.

  • To begin with, open QuickBooks Statement Writer.
  • Now tap on Help Center.
  • Select Update.

Important Note: In case you see a Download/Install update prompt whenever you open QSW or after you have updated, tap on Cancel to open QSW.

Once you are done, continue to the next step.

3.   Run Quick Fix my Program

To fix the QuickBooks statements problems, let us run Quick Fix my Program. To do so, download QuickBooks Tool Hub and install it on your computer.

Now, open QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  • Click on Program Problems.
  • Tap on Quick Fix my Program.

Quick Fix my Program will now provide instant repair for your application. Once it’s done, launch QB Desktop and open the company file.

4.   Change the Windows settings

Now, let us tweak the Windows settings to ensure QuickBooks Statement Writer works properly.

a.     Change the regional settings in Windows

Here is how you can check and verify the regional settings and change them to US/Canada

  • Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the Run command.
  • Now, enter control panel in the search box, and press OK.
  • Tap on Clock, Language and Region.
  • Now, choose Change Location.
  • Go to Home Location (Current Location in Windows 7 and Vista).
  • Choose United States/Canada.
  • Go to the Administrative tab and choose Change System Locale.
  • Select English (United States/Canada).
  • Tap on Apply > OK.
  • Finally, restart the computer.

b.    Additionally, Change User Settings if You Use Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7, here is how to check and change user settings.

  • First, follow these steps to Enable User Account Control (UAC).
    • Press the Windows + R keys together and open the Run window.
    • Enter Control Panel and tap on OK.
    • Choose User Accounts. Now, click User Accounts (Classic View).
    • Tap on Change user account control settings. (In case you get a UAC prompt, choose Yes and continue.)
    • Toggle the slider, configure it to Always Notify, and choose OK. This will turn the UAC On.
    • Reboot your computer.
  • Now, check and ensure that QuickBooks or Excel aren’t run as an Administrator.
    • Go to the Programs menu.
    • Right-click the version of QuickBooks and/or Excel you are using.
    • Choose Properties.
    • Now, navigate to the Compatibility tab.
    • Ensure that no checkboxes are marked.

Now, let us proceed to the next thing you need to do to get rid of QuickBooks statements problems.

5.    Check and Ensure Your Microsoft Excel is Compatible

If you are using an outdated version of MS Excel, QuickBooks Statement Writer might not be compatible with it. The 2014 and later versions of QuickBooks Statement Writer are compatible with MS Excel 2007, 2010 (32-bit), and later.

Once you are done, check if the problems you faced with QuickBooks Statement Writer are resolved. If you however continue to face the problem, proceed to the next step.

6.   Change How You Access the .QSM file

Changing how you access the QSW data file (.QSM) can help you resolve QuickBooks Statements Problems.

a.     Move the File to Local Drive

In case you cannot open the QSW data file (.QSM) over a network, copy the file to the local disk and open it from there.

b.    Sign in to Another Company File

If you do not know whether the problem is with your QSW file or not, here is something you can try to isolate the issue.

On the same computer, log in to another company file and access the QSW file. If the QSW data file (.QSM) opens using this company file, there might be data damages in your first company file. Run, verify, and rebuild the data utility to fix the data damage in your company file.

Once done, run QuickBooks Statement Writer and check if you face an issue.

7.    Refresh Access Permission for QSW

Let us refresh the access permission for QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW) in the Integrated Applications Preferences window.

  • Go to the Edit menu. Tap on Preferences.
  • Go to the Integrated Applications on the left pane.
  • Now, go to the Company Preferences tab.
  • Tap on QuickBooks Statement Writer.
  • Choose Remove.
  • Now, close your QuickBooks Desktop and launch it again.
  • Finally, open the QB Statement Writer.

Check if the QuickBooks statements problems you faced earlier have been resolved. If the trouble continues, move on to the next step.

8.   Utilize QuickBooks Statement Writer Diagnostics

QuickBooks Statement Writer Diagnostics can fix the common issues in QSW.

  • You will see Preferences & Formats on the Statement Writer Welcome Page.
  • Now, tap on Run Diagnostics Now.
  • Go along with the instructions you see to fix the issues listed in the wizard.

Run the QuickBooks Statement Writer now and verify if the issue has been resolved.

9.   Review the .log file

The .log file contains information that can help you resolve the QuickBooks Statements Problems.

  • Open the folder that contains your QuickBooks company file. The default location is – C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Statement Writer.

Note: However, if you can’t see the files or folders in question, you might need to display hidden files and folders on your computer.

  • Now, open the isw_YYYY.log (YYYY stands for your QuickBooks year version, such as for QuickBooks Desktop 2018, it will be isw_2018.log).
  • The .log file contains information on user activities and errors that occur.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the .log file. Now, read into it to find out what has caused the error. Finally, search for how to resolve the error on the internet.

When you are done, run QuickBooks Statements Writer and see if you face a problem.

10.   Edit the QBSDK.INI file

If you face QuickBooks statement problems or QuickBooks SDK invalid result error, these both can be resolved by creating a new report in QBS (QuickBooks Statement Writer).

  1. Open the folder where your company file is stored. The default location usually is – C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks\QBDSK.INI.

Note: However, if you can’t see the files or folders in question, you might need to display hidden files and folders on your computer.

  1. Now, right-click on the QBSDK.INI file and select Open with.
  2. Now, tap on Notepad.
  3. Add this:
  4. Now, to save the changes, go to File in Notepad and click on Save.
  5. Once done, close QuickBooks and launch it again.

Important Note: This step turns on logging, and the longer it is enabled, the more it may affect performance.

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For Certain Issues

If you are facing some specific issues, such as an issue with display or StatementModel.DLL or FsdCommon.DLL, here is what you can do for them.

  • Display issues

 If you face problems when you adjust fonts and column widths when using a secondary display, drag the Excel window to the primary monitor. Such adjustment issues normally occur if the QSW is opened on a secondary monitor.

  • StatementModel.DLL or FsdCommon.DLL could not be found

The above error usually happens if there is a problem with the QSW installation. Follow the troubleshooting steps 1 to 7 listed above to resolve this.

  • C:\Program files (x86)\Intuit\Statement Writer 20XX\ did not succeed
    Create a new report in QSW to determine if the problem is with the QSW installation or with the QSW file itself.
    • If you find the report does not open, carry on the troubleshooting methods listed above.
    • If you find the report opens, there is damage in the existing file. The ideal workaround would be to recreate the report.

Wrapping It Up

The article elaborates on how to resolve various QuickBooks statements problems. Follow these steps to fix issues with the QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW) and generate financial statements without interruption.

If you continue to face a problem with QuickBooks statements, or have a query, connect to a QB ProAdvisor. Dial 800-580-5375!

Top Queries

How do I issue a statement in QuickBooks?

Here is how you can create a statement in QuickBooks:
● Tap on Sales and choose Customers.
● Now, mark the checkboxes for the customers for whom you want to issue statements.
● In the Batch Actions section, choose Create Statement.
● You can choose Print or Preview to preview it or print it out.
● Now, to email the statements, choose Save and Send.

How do I fix QuickBooks statements problems?

As there are different factors that can give way to an issue in QuickBooks Statement Writer, you need to carry out a set of steps to fix them. Follow our guide on the working methods to resolve QuickBooks statements problems.

What three types of statements can QuickBooks Online generate?

QuickBooks Online can generate three types of statements, namely Balance Forward, Open Item, and Transaction Statements.

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