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QuickBooks Could Not Initialize License Properties
Encountering QuickBooks License Error 3371? 13 Instant Fixes Talk to a ProAdvisor
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QuickBooks Could Not Initialize License Properties! 13 Fixes

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When you attempt to activate or open QuickBooks Desktop, you might see one of these error messages:

“Could not initialize license properties. Error 3371: QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.”  
“Could not initialize license properties. [Error 3371, Status Code -11118] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.”  
“Could not initialize license properties. [Error: 3371, Status Code -1] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.”

This issue can occur due to an incorrect product or license number used to activate the program or damage to your QuickBooks program.

To address this, we will explore all the possible causes of why a user can’t open QuickBooks, along with suitable ways to resolve the issue. Therefore, go through this comprehensive guide and follow the provided instructions.

If you are not tech-savvy or are looking for a more effective way to resolve the license error, it is recommended that you get in touch with our QuickBooks ProAdvisors for help. Don’t wait—dial 800-580-5375 and connect with professionals now!

What Causes License Error 3371 in QuickBooks?

Below is a list of all possible reasons why you might encounter error code 3371 when opening or activating QuickBooks Desktop. Let’s get familiar with them:

  • Incompatibility between Windows and QuickBooks versions
  • Your computer specifications do not meet the system requirements of QuickBooks
  • Confliction with third-party applications
  • Damaged or corrupted EntitlementDataStore.ecml file
  • Using an outdated version of QuickBooks
  • Antivirus might be blocking QuickBooks
  • The Windows components such as MSXML might be damaged or corrupted
  • Damage or corruption to the QBregistration.dat file
  • Corrupted or damaged Windows user account

Now you know why QuickBooks could not initialize license properties and throws error 3371. To resolve this issue promptly, proceed to the section below and follow each troubleshooting solution.

Top 13 Fixes for QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118

In this section, we will discuss all the appropriate solutions for eliminating license errors in QuickBooks.

1. Manage your QuickBooks license

Follow the instructions below and ensure the product and license you use to activate your QuickBooks are correct.

Step 1: Find your license number

First, sign in to your Customer Account Maintenance Portal (CAMPS). Then, find your license and product number. Once you have this information, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Activate QuickBooks again

  • Go to the Help menu and choose Manage my license.
  • Then, click on Change my license number.
  • Enter all your license numbers as 0s and select Next.
  • Rather than entering the validation code, click Finish.
  • Now, move back to the Manage my license and choose Change my license number.
Find your License number from here to activate QuickBooks again
  • Enter your license number and click Next.
  • Finally, select Finish.

If you still cannot activate your QuickBooks, move to the next solution.

2. Run the 3371 Error Fix Tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub

Running the 3371 Error Fix tool helps resolve license issues and improve QuickBooks performance. Follow the steps below to learn how to access and run the tool using QuickBooks Tool Hub:

Step 1: Download and Install QB Tool Hub

  • Close the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • From Intuit’s official site, download the most recent version of QuickBooks Tool Hub ( from HERE. Once done, save it somewhere it is easy to locate it later.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to open (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the installation and agree to the product’s terms and conditions.
  • Once the process is complete, double-click on the Tool Hub’s icon on Windows to open it.

Note: If you can’t find the icon, manually search for the Tool Hub in the Windows Start menu.

QuickBooks Tool Hub App

Step 2: Run the 3371 Error Fix

  • Select Installation Issues from the left pane of your screen.
  • Click on 3371 Error Fix.
Here how to Run the 3371 Error Fix
  • Select OK.
  • Restart your QuickBooks and open your company file.

If QuickBooks could not initialize license properties even after running the 3371 Fix tool, continue following the next solution.

3. Ensure QuickBooks system requirements are fulfilled

To ensure QuickBooks initiates and runs your operations without interruptions, you must ensure your computer fulfills the minimum system requirements for QuickBooks.

Know your computer’s specifications and ensure they match QuickBooks requirements, go through these steps:

QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2024 and Enterprise 24.0

Finding a way to look at your computer’s specifications? Here’s how to get your Windows info.

Operating system

After October 10, 2023, Microsoft no longer provides security updates or support for PCs running Windows Standard and Essentials Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2. Because of this reason, QuickBooks 2024 doesn’t support Windows Server 2012 and can’t be installed on it.

  • Windows 11, 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows 10, all 64-bit editions, natively installed
  • Windows Server 2022, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2019, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2016, Standard and Essentials

Note: QuickBooks does not support Linux and Windows 10 S Mode. Therefore, it is recommended that Windows be used natively and not through an emulator or virtual environment.

Database servers

Windows (natively installed)

  • Windows Server 2022, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2019, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2016, Standard and Essentials
Browser requirements

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 requires only a stable internet connection and Google Chrome.

Hardware and operating system requirements

The most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop 2024 requires a 64-bit Windows operating system and won’t run on 32-bit.

Processor2.4 GHz minimum
RAM (workstation)8 GB minimum, 16 GB recommended
RAM (server)• 1-5 Users: 8 GB • 10 Users: 12 GB • 15 Users: 16 GB • 20+ users: 20+ GB
Disk Space    • It requires 2.5 GB of disk space (additional required for data files). Additional software: • Microsoft .NET 4.8 Runtime – 60 MB, provided with the installation files. • Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks Connected Services offerings: • Requires minimum 4.0GB RAM • Twice the size of the largest file set to back up +100MB or twice the size to restore. This specific space is only required from the work folder LocalApplicationData+”Intuit\Intuit Data Protect.” Note: You should store your QuickBooks data file on a solid-state drive (SSD) for the best performance.
Windows       • North American version of Windows. • Regional settings are supported when set to English. • When hosting multi-user access, ensure your server computer must have administrator rights. • Natively installed Windows and doesn’t need to run in a virtual environment or emulation software.
Optical drive A 4X DVD-ROM drive is needed for physical CD installations.
Screen resolution     • The program’s display is optimized for 1280 x 1024 resolution or higher with up to 2 extended monitors. • QuickBooks is optimized best for the Default DPI setting for a given computer.
Other hardware devices

If you are a Warehouse Manager user in QuickBooks Desktop mobile, know the supported devices you can use:

  • Zebra TC20/TC25/TC51 Mobile Computer is recommended (Android 6.0 & above)
  • Zebra MC40 Mobile Computer (Android 6.0 & above)

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 24.0 also supports:

  • Honeywell Voyager 1602g Pocket Barcode Scanner
  • Socket Mobile CHS 7CI
  • Symbol CS3070
Software compatibility

Here’s a list of the most common apps you can integrate with your program. Find more apps at the Intuit App Store.

Note: Additional RAM in your computer can enhance the use of these features.

  • Microsoft Office:
    • Microsoft Office 2021
    • Microsoft Office 2019
    • Microsoft Office 2016, including Outlook 2016, is available on 32- and 64-bit.
    • Microsoft Outlook 2016-2021 with email estimates, invoices, and other forms, Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft 365, Yahoo Mail, Gmail,, and other SMTP-supporting email clients.
    • Preparing letters in QuickBooks requires Microsoft Word 2021, 2019, 2016, or Microsoft 365 (includes 64-bit).
    • You will need Microsoft Excel 2021, 2019, 2016, or Microsoft 365 (including 64-bit) to export reports.
    • For Contact Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks requires Outlook 2021, 2019  (32 and 64-bit), or 2016.
  • TurboTax 2023 (Personal and Business)
  • Lacerte 2023
  • Pro-Series tax year 2023
  • Quicken 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016
  • QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2024, 2023, 2022, and 2021
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Payroll, Business Planner, and viewing forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later.
  • Accessing payroll and other features and services requires Internet access with at least a 56 Kbps connection speed (1 Mbps recommended).

Anti-malware and antivirus software compatibility

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024, Premier 2024, and Enterprise 24.0 are tested with antimalware and antivirus programs.

Antivirus software: Webroot, Cylance (Internet/Regression Only), ESET, Panda Dome, Sophos, Avira, Symantec, F-Secure, Microsoft Windows Defender, McAfee, Avast, Bitdefender, Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro Security.

Anti-malware software: Spybot, Emsisoft, McAfee, Avast, Webroot, ZoneAlarm, Kaspersky, F-Secure, Bitdefender, AVG, Malwarebytes.

Note: QuickBooks works with those systems with a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID), but it’s not recommended as it can cause QuickBooks to operate slowly.

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 needs the TLS 1.2 internet security protocol for the connected services to work smoothly.

QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024

Here are the minimum system requirements for QuickBooks to run on Mac:

Minimum system requirements
  • An operating system of at least Mac OS X v12.0 (Monterey).
  • iOS 12.0 or later for iPhone-related features.
  • Supports either Intel or Apple CPU hardware.
  • Internet connection required.
  • Multi-user Server: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor to run a server.
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM recommended).
  • 250 MB of available storage.
  • If you plan to print invoices, checks, deposit slips, lists, purchase orders, mailing labels, reports, or graphs, it is recommended that you use a Macintosh-compatible printer.
  • If you plan to print checks, use Intuit Checks.
Integration/compatibility requirements

Export report data – Apple Numbers v12.0 or later, or Microsoft Excel 2016 or later, including Microsoft 365

E-mail PDF format –Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook 2016 or later, and Microsoft 365.

File conversion – QuickBooks Mac 2024 supports:

  • One-way conversion to QuickBooks Online.
  • Windows 2021 and 2023 for one-way conversion from QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Windows 2024 is used for conversion to and from QuickBooks.

If you still cannot open or activate QuickBooks, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

4. Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop

Clean installation involves the process of uninstalling QuickBooks, removing all the associated files, and then setting up a fresh program installation. Go through the below steps to clean install QuickBooks:

Before you start the clean installation

  • Get the installer of the same version as your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Keep your license number handy. You will find it on the original QuickBooks package. If you have purchased it online, check the purchase confirmation email.

Note: If you can’t find the product license registration information, you can access it from the account management portal.

Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks

  • Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard to launch the Windows Start menu.
  • Now, search for the Control Panel and then select the application from the search result to open it.
  • Click on Uninstall a Program.
Uninstall Program from here
  • Choose the year of the QuickBooks version you use from the list of programs.
  • Select Uninstall/Change, Remove, then click Next to remove the QB application.

If you didn’t find the option, sign out of Windows and back in as an admin.

Step 2: Install the QuickBooks Program Again

Before reinstallation, ensure your computer meets the QuickBooks system requirements.

  • Check and ensure that your computer is connected to a strong network connection.
  • Find and double-click the QuickBooks program file QuickBooks.exe.
  • Now, choose Custom and Network Options.
Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Installer
  • Select Next.
  • Click Install to start the installation.
  • When the process is complete, open QuickBooks.

If clean installation doesn’t help you resolve the license issues, follow the next troubleshooting solution.

5. Recreate the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file

The EntitlementDataStore.ecml file stores your QuickBooks license and registration information. Damage or corruption to this file can cause license issues and trigger QuickBooks error 3371 when activating or opening QuickBooks.

To fix such issues, you must recreate the file by following the below steps:

  • Close QB Desktop.
  • Locate the entitlement folder in the QuickBooks installation directory and open it.
  • Press the Windows icon + R keys to launch the Run window.
Follow the process of Recreate the EntitlementDataStore
  • Manually enter or paste the following folder path.

QuickBooks 2013 and Enterprise 13.0: C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Client 8

QuickBooks 2012 and Enterprise 12.0: C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Client 6.0

QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise 11.0: C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Client 6.0

QuickBooks 2010 and Enterprise 10.0 : C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Client 6.0

QuickBooks 2009 and Enterprise 9.0: C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Client 5

QuickBooks 2008 and Enterprise 8.0: C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Client 5

QuickBooks 2007 and Enterprise 7.0: C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Client 3

  • Then, press Enter.
  • Right-click on the EntitlementDataStore.ecml folder and then select Delete.
EntitlementDataStore.ecml folder will look like this
  • Confirm you want to delete the file by clicking OK.
  • Launch QB and then your company file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to register QB again.

If QuickBooks error code 3371 continues to appear, jump to the next troubleshooting solution.

6. Update QuickBooks Desktop

As already discussed, QuickBooks could not initialize license properties if you use an outdated program. Therefore, download and install the latest updates of QuickBooks Desktop by following these steps:

  • In QuickBooks, go to the Help menu.
  • Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the Update Now tab in the open window.
Update QuickBooks desktop from here
  • Tick the Reset Updates checkbox to clear the previously downloaded updates.
  • Now, click Get Updates.
  • Once the update is downloaded, restart QuickBooks.
  • Click Yes to install them.

If you still cannot open the QuickBooks program? Continue following the next troubleshooting solution.

7. Update Windows

Incompatibility between the Windows operating system and the QuickBooks version can prevent you from opening the program and trigger license error 3371.

  • Open the Windows Start menu by pressing the Windows icon key.
  • In the search field, type Settings.
  • Now, choose Settings from the search results to open it.
  • From the left pane of your screen, choose Windows Update.
  • Check for the available Windows update by clicking on Check for Updates.
Check here either your windows is updated or not
  • If Windows updates are available, click Download & Install.
  • Then, wait until the process is completed.
  • Once done, restart your computer and ensure Windows is updated.

If the Windows version isn’t causing the license issues, follow the troubleshooting solution below.

8. Recreate the QBregistration.dat File

The QBregistration.dat file stores the license info for QuickBooks Desktop. It will retrieve and validate the license info every time you run QuickBooks. If this file is missing or damaged, QuickBooks Desktop won’t open, and you’ll need to recreate the qbregistration.dat file.

  • Move to the path: C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks and look for the QBregistration.dat file.
  • If you can’t see the folder, check Display hidden files and folders.
  • If the file already exists, rename it qbregistration.old.
  • Now, open your Notepad.
    • Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to launch the Run command.
    • In the text field, enter Notepad, then click OK.
  • Type the following into the Notepad.

Note: Once pasted in Notepad, the bold red text will appear as regular text. After pasting the text into Notepad, identify and replace the bold red items accordingly.

Replace the blog red Item
  • Xx.x replace with:
    • Replace with 33.0 if you have QuickBooks Desktop 2023
    • Replace with 32.0 if you have QuickBooks Desktop 2022
    • Replace with 31.0 if you have QuickBooks Desktop 2021
    • Replace with 30.0 if you have QuickBooks Desktop 2020
  • version
    • If you have QuickBooks Pro, replace it with pro.
    • Replace with superpro if you have QuickBooks Premier (not Accountant Edition).
    • Replace with accountant if you have QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition.
    • Replace with bel if you have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (not Accountant Edition).
    • Replace with belacct if you have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition.
  • 000-000
    • Replace with your QuickBooks installation product number.
    • 0000-0000-0000-000
    • Replace with your QuickBooks license number.
  • Now, save this file with the name qbregistration.dat.
    • Go to File and click Save.
    • Click on All Files in the Save as type list.
    • To save the file, choose the C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks directory.

If QuickBooks could not initialize license properties even after recreating the QBregistration.dat file, continue moving to the next troubleshooting solution. 

9. Repair the Microsoft MSXML components

If crucial components like MSXML are damaged or corrupted, QuickBooks cannot read necessary configuration files, preventing it from opening.

Let’s fix the Microsoft MSXML component for your specific version of the operating system.

Register MSXML in 64-bit operating system with the following steps:

  • Open the Windows Start menu and type cmd in the search field.
  • In the search results, right-click on cmd and select Run as Administrator.
  • Now, enter cd\windows\syswow64 at the C: prompt.
Administrator: Command Prompt
  • Type regsvr32 MSXML6.dll and then press the Enter key.
  • Once done, reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.

Register MSXML in 32-bit operating system with the following steps:

  • Launch the Run Command by pressing the Windows + R keys on your keyboard.
  • In the Run field, type cmd and then press the Enter key.
  • In the Command prompt, type regsvr32 MSXML6.dll.
After typing "regsvr32 MSXML6.dll" The prompt will look like
  • Then, press Enter.
  • Finally, reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.

If QuickBooks license error 3371 continues to appear, follow the below troubleshooting solution.

10. Create a QuickBooks Exclusion in Your Antivirus

Your antivirus may sometimes block the ports that QuickBooks uses or prevent the program from accessing the internet through the firewall. In such cases, you will need to create antivirus exclusions for QuickBooks.

If you are still encountering issues when opening or activating the QuickBooks program, move to the next solution.

11. Run SFC Scan

If critical Windows files or folders are damaged or corrupted, QuickBooks might not open. Experts recommend running the SFC scan to fix such issues. This scan restores corrupted system files and replaces them with correct versions from a cached copy.

  • Go to your computer’s Taskbar and type cmd in the search field.
  • Right-click on Command Prompt in the search results.
  • Then, choose Run as Administrator.
  • Once prompted by UAC, click Yes.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type sfc /scannow and then press Enter.
  • Wait until the scan process is complete.
Beginning System Scan
  • If the tool detects corrupted or missing system files, it will automatically repair them quickly.
  • Once it’s done, close the Command Prompt window.

Are you still getting the 3371 license error? If so, move to the next troubleshooting solution.

12. Create a new Windows admin

Recreating a damaged or corrupted Windows admin account resolves access issues, restores proper functionality, eliminates errors caused by corrupted user profiles, and lets you operate QuickBooks smoothly.

Step 1: Create a local user account

  • Open Settings on your computer and go to Accounts.
  • Then, choose Family & Other Users.
  • Select Add Account next to Add other user.
  • Click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.
  • Select Add a user without a Microsoft account on the next page.
Add a user without a Microsoft account
  • Now, enter a username, password, or password hint—or choose security questions—and click Next.

Step 2: Change this local user account to an administrator account

  • Open Settings again and go to Accounts.
  • Choose the account owner’s name under Family & Other Users.
  • Then, click on Change account type.
Change Account Type from here
  • Choose Administrator under the Account type and click OK.
  • Now, sign in to Windows using your administrator account.

If error 3371 continues to appear, consider moving to the next troubleshooting solution.

13. Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

If something is wrong with QuickBooks installation, it can interrupt the activation process. Running the QB Install Diagnostic tool helps fix these issues and lets you use QuickBooks smoothly.

  • Launch the QB Tool Hub and choose Installation Issues.
  • Click on QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. The tool might take upto 20 minutes; wait until then.
  • Once it’s done, restart your computer and reopen QuickBooks.

Finally, try activating or opening your QuickBooks program again to see if license error 3371 is fixed.


This guide was all about why QuickBooks could not initialize license properties and how you can proceed to resolve the issue. However, if you are stuck or have any queries, you must get in touch with QuickBooks professionals for further assistance.

Our team of experts is highly professional and is available 24/7 to assist you with the best. So, what are you waiting for? Dial 800-580-5375 now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my QuickBooks Desktop license?

Here are some quick instructions to activate your QuickBooks Desktop license:

• Launch QB Desktop.
• Go to Help at the top menu bar.
• Choose Activate QuickBooks Desktop.
• Follow the prompts on your screen to verify the information and complete the process.

What is QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118?

QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118 appears when the program fails to initialize the license properties when opening or activating QuickBooks Desktop. The error appears with error messages on your screen, the most common of which is “QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.

How to fix the QuickBooks license error?

You might have entered an incorrect product and license error, causing the license error in QuickBooks. Consider following the below steps to fix the issues:

• If you bought QuickBooks Desktop from Intuit’s official website, check your purchase confirmation email to get your license number and product code. If you can’t find them, sign in to your Customer Account Management Portal to get them.
• However, if you bought QuickBooks from a retail store, Check the sticker on the original CD envelope.

QuickBooks could not initialize license properties on Windows 7. What to do?

QuickBooks could not initialize properties due to a license error, such as QuickBooks error 3371. To fix the issue, you use the 3371 Error Fix tool in the Tool Hub. 

First, download and install the QB Tool Hub in its latest version, and then follow the steps mentioned below:

• Choose Installation Issues from the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
• Click on 3371 Error Fix.
• Select OK.
• Once done, start QuickBooks and open your data file to ensure the issues are fixed.

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