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QuickBooks Error Code 80070057 – The Parameter is Incorrect

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QuickBooks error Code 80070057 prevents users from logging into their company file. It often happens that when QuickBooks users try to open the company file, they see the below error message on the screen:

Error 80070057 (The parameter is incorrect)

Error Code 80070057 The parameter is incorrect

In this blog, we will go into depth about why you encounter this error message and how you can troubleshoot it. Alright, then, let us get started.

Although the guide will show you how to fix QuickBooks error code 80070057, the error might still persist after DIY troubleshooting. Therefore, we recommend you connect to a QB ProAdvisor and let them take care of it. Dial 800-580-5375!

Why Do You Run into QB Desktop Error 80070057?

Let us take a look at different reasons why you run into error 80070057 when opening the company file.

  • QuickBooks doesn’t have sufficient permissions to run on your computer.
  • The company file might have data damage.
  • The antivirus or firewall settings don’t allow QuickBooks to run or access company file.
  • The company file might have been moved or renamed.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code 80070057

Now, we know major reasons why you run into error 80070057 while opening QuickBooks company file, let us begin troubleshooting it. Follow the steps given below in order and connect with us if you have a query.

1.     Ensure You are Opening Data File Correctly

Make sure that you open the company file correctly. This is to prevent you from getting the error 80070057. This is the correct way to open the company file.

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click on the company file.
  • Choose Open.

Even if the company file is stored on the remote computer or network drive, you must access it correctly. If you still get QuickBooks error code 80070057, proceed to the next step.

However, if you get the error 80070057 while installing QuickBooks, here’s how to install QuickBooks correctly.

2.     Update QuickBooks Desktop

Updating QB Desktop brings product enhancements and bug fixes that can resolve common issues and errors like 80070057. Therefore, update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.

Once you have updated the QB, restart it. If you run into error code 80070057, continue to the next solution.

3.     Run QB Desktop as Administrator

Sometimes, QB Desktop doesn’t have the permission required to run and gives way to different errors. Therefore, to fix QuickBooks error code 80070057, which is also a run time error, run QuickBooks as an administrator.

Here is how you can do the same:

  • Close all the open windows of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now, right-click on the QuickBooks icon on the Desktop or Start menu.
  • Choose Run as administrator.
  • In case the company file does not open right away, choose the company file and click on Open.

However, if you see QuickBooks error code 80070057, continue to the next solution.

4.     Move your company file to the default location

If you have moved the company file or saved it somewhere else than its default location, you need to move it back to its default location.

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Navigate to the location where your company file is stored.
  • Find the company file (.QBW) and right-click on it. Choose Copy.
  • Now, navigate to the default location, right-click on empty space, and choose Paste.
    Here is the default location: C:/Users/Public/PublicDocuments/Intuit/QuickBooks/Company Files
  • Now, open QuickBooks, then choose Find a company file.
  • Tap on Local Drives, and find your company file name. You can enter your company name in the search box.
  • Now, choose the right company file.
  • Tap on Open.

In case you are opening the file in a multi-user mode, you will need to share the file once again after moving it. Learn how to reconfigure hosting mode and folder permissions in this guide.

However, even now, if you encounter QuickBooks error code 80070057, continue to the next step.

5.     Run the QuickBooks File Doctor

If there is an issue with your company file that gives way to runtime errors, QB File Doctor can fix that. Therefore, run QuickBooks File Doctor on your company file.

Once you are done, restart QuickBooks Desktop and open the company file. Check if the error 80070057 is resolved. If it persists, continue to the next step.

6.     Rebuild Company File

Let us now scan your company file for data damage to fix the errors. For this, run verify and rebuild data utility on your company file.

When finished, open QB and log in to your company file. If QuickBooks error code 80070057 comes up, let us see how to resolve it manually.

7.     Manually Fix Error 800070057

In this section, we will show you how to troubleshoot QB Desktop error 80070057 manually.

Note: Step b is only for the multi-user mode.

a.      Rename the .ND file

  • Open the folder with the company file.
  • Find the .ND file that corresponds to your company file.

For instance, it could be (YourCompanyName).qbw.nd

  • Now, right-click on the .ND file, and choose Rename.
  • Attach .old at the end of the file name.

For example, the new name should become (YourCompanyName).qbw.nd.old

Note: If you run QuickBooks in multi-user mode, only then you should proceed to step b.

b.      Run QB Database Server Manager on Host Computer

This step is only for the multi-user mode.

  • First, download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub if your system doesn’t have the latest version of QB Tool Hub installed.
  • Open QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Choose Network Issues.
  • Tap on QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If your server doesn’t contain QuickBooks, you’ll receive a prompt to install it.
  • Once the QuickBooks Database Server Manager opens, choose Start Scan if you see the company file folder. However, if you don’t, browse to the folder where your company file is. Now, tap on Start Scan.
  • Tap on Close.

If you use QuickBooks in a multi-user environment and continue to get error 80070057, continue with the next troubleshooting method.

8. If You Use BitDefender or Other Antivirus

For the users running QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, an antivirus like BitDefender can often block the application’s access to the company file and give way to QuickBooks error code 80070057.

Let us see how to exclude BitDefender from scanning the QuickBooks folder.

  • Open the BitDefender dashboard on your server computer.
  • Now, tap on Protection on the left panel.
Bitdefender Total Security Protection Features
  • Click on the Open button in the Antivirus section.
  • Now, tap on the Settings tab of the Antivirus panel.
  • Choose Manage Exceptions and tap on +Add an Exception.
  • Browse and select the folder or file path you want to exclude. In this case, choose the folder where the company file is stored.
  • Tap on OK.
  • Now, in the Protection Feature section, toggle on the switch for Antivirus. This will enable this exception.
  • Tap on Save.

If you are using another antivirus and cannot open the company file on a workstation, you might need to create an antivirus exclusion for QuickBooks.

Once you are done, restart your server computer and then access the company file from the workstations.

9. In Peer-to-Peer Hosting

In a peer-to-peer hosting environment, a computer acts as a host and has direct access to company data while the other computers connect to the host computer. When you set up the network as a peer-to-peer hosting environment, QuickBooks might show an error 80070057 if the company file is opened by the host computer first. However, if a workstation opens the database first, there is no error.

There are some tips to avoid getting QuickBooks error code 80070057 in a peer-to-peer hosting environment.

  • Before you open the data file on the host computer, open it on a workstation first.
  • Alternatively, you can create a dedicated server environment using a server or host computer that is only for hosting the QuickBooks database.

Wrapping It Up

This was all about troubleshooting QuickBooks error code 80070057. In this guide we saw the multiple reasons why you see ‘QuickBooks error 80070057: The parameter is incorrect.’ We explored in detail different reasons how you can fix this runtime error in QB Desktop.

However, even after carrying out these steps, the error persists, we recommend you speak to a QB ProAdvisor. They will help you resolve all kinds of QB issues in no time. Dial 800-850-5375!

Top Queries from QuickBooks Users

How do I fix the error code 80070057 in QuickBooks?

To fix the QuickBooks error code 80070057, run QuickBooks as administrator. The next thing you can try is moving the company file to the default location and opening from there. If that doesn’t work, run QB File Doctor.

How do I fix a locked file error on the QuickBooks desktop?

To resolve the locked file error in QuickBooks Desktop, check the hosting configuration on the server and the workstations. The hosting mode should be turned-on on the host computer and off on the workstations. 

How do I fix my QB company file?

To repair your QuickBooks company file, run QuickBooks File Doctor. However, if the error persists even after that, verify and rebuild your company data.

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